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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Show 22: The 1st Birthday Show!

Welcome to Show #22 of the Eamezey Podcast Show!

Its a special show this week, almost to the day the podcast is 1 year old (technically), and so here is essentially a clip show, playing my favourite tracks over the past 12 months.

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If you want to request a song of any kind, or would like a shoutout on the next show, email me at tom_eames@hotmail.com

Plus, if you are a podcast or mashup maker yourself, gimme a shout as i'd love to play your promo/mix.

Please leave a comment, let me know what you think of the show :)


  1. Ben Folds – Heist
  2. The Riddlers Theme
  3. Tinashe – Suzie
  4. The Eames Era – Could be Anything
  5. Imogen Heap – Goodnight & Go
  6. Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo
  7. Anthony Stewart Head – The Last Time
  8. Chris Cornell – Billie Jean
  9. Krazyben – The Way Models Are (Kraftwerk vs Timbaland)
  10. Partyben – Insane, Medicated Hand (QOTSA vs NIN)
  11. Markyboy – Back to the Ritz (Amy Winehouse vs Ella Fitzgerald)
  12. Eamezey – Say it James (James Blunt vs Nelly Furtado)
  13. Michael Jackson – Shoo-Be-Doo
  14. Gary Numan – Voix
  15. Robbie Williams – Louise
  16. Chris Koster – If U See Me (When I’m Like This)
  17. R Kelly – Trapped in the Closet
  18. Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter – My Friends
  19. Foo Fighters – Still
  20. Zero 7 – Home
  21. Jon Allen – Going Home
  22. Paul McCartney – This Never Happened Before
  23. Syntax – Pride
  24. Hugh Laurie – Mystery

1 comment:

Scott Johnson said...


A very enjoyable show mate - you never disappoint, but I especially enjoyed this one. I always wondered where you got your intro from for the show.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you continue to enjoy doing the show.

I'll be taking June off from my show, as I need to do some studying for an exam in early July.

Bye for now.