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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Show #13

Week 13 of The Eamezey Show Podcast is now available to download!

Apologies for lateness, BT are right idiots!

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Foo Fighters – Cold Day in the Sun
Paul Simon – Train in the Distance
30 Seconds to Mars – Beautiful Lie
The Faint – Agenda Suicide
Protocol – Where’s the Pleasure
Supergrass – Sun Hits the Sky
The Knack – My Sharona (Flashback – 1979)
? – Beatles Vs Queen (Crazy vs Dear Prudence/Fool on the Hill)
Eamezey – Umbrella (Rihanna vs Michael Jackson)
Blacksteel & Badger – This Girl (Chris Isaak/Joe Strummer/Antony Stewart Head/Daft Punk/Evanescence)
Zero 7 – Home
Peter Gabriel – Signal to Noise

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RoM@ said...

Very good!!!!!!!
I LOVE Michael, thanks guy!!!!!!!