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Thursday, 19 July 2007

Week 11

Week 11 of The Eamezey Show Podcast is now available to download!

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Mirwais – Na├»ve Song
Partyben – Insane, Medicated Hand (QOTSA vs NIN)
LeeDM101 – No One Knows This Love (Maroon 5 vs QOTSA)
Eamezey – Better Robots (Daft Punk vs Kraftwerk)
Jamiroquai – Feels So Good
Rest Assured – Treat Infamy
Korn – Thoughtless
Julie Driscoll – This Wheels on Fire (Flashback – 1968)
Stina Nordenstam – Get On With Your Life
Simon & Garfunkel – Overs
Take That – Wooden Boat
Tangerine Dream feat. Jon Anderson – Loved by the Sun


cacophonyx said...

Hey there, Eamezey.

I checked your podcast out for the first time this morning - caught it on Britcaster. Great to hear Treat Infamy after all these years.. brings back some memories!

The mash-ups were great, too.. good choice of the Daft Punk track - where did you get the a capella?

I'm going to have to find the Queens mash-up.. that was GOOD.

Oh, and you have a good vocal style... it's nice to hear a presentation style that doesn't annoy me :D



Tom 'Eamezey' Eames said...

Thanks James! Glad you like the show.

Found the a capella on some random site, sadly I can't remember it though which is annoying!

Very glad to hear I sound good too! Keep listening!